Train to Salisbury Mills, my good sir?

From Facebook, December 2nd, 2013…

Salisbury Mills Station, December 2013

Salisbury Mills Station, December 2013

A monologue. To be read with an aristocratic, English accent:

The enjoyment was short lived for dear Curtis regarding the Port Jervis train service. Fewer shekels, yes. Many a place to rest one’s weary bones, that’s correct my good sir. Twenty minute walk from his employ. Better than the underground horseless carriage and beneficial for his body and mind as it has been many a fortnight since his bathroom scale read his high school playing weight. The alternative to the derailed Hudson Line albeit slightly longer seemed like a dream that kings dream after many a glasses of port and plates of lamb shoulder. But, what is that you say my dear conductor? I cannot hear over the throngs clamoring for passage to hills of Rockland and Orange. Dear people, pipe down, our hero has a message, an announcement, a word regarding our trip. No trains are going north of Harriman because of a bridge condition. What sort of failing has our trusty span been subject to? Surely you jest? And sir, you say we will reach our destination via motorcoach a bus, if you will, once we disembark our wonderful space ship on rails.


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