It is empty on the train this morning due to the storm I am calling Snowmaggedonpacolypsesharknado also known as six inches of snow. I though it was best for the plows to come by first before venturing out in Snowmaggedonpacolypsesharknado. I saw many brave souls or perhaps the true heroes of the day before Snowmaggedonpacolypsesharknado head out into what was one inch of snow. Eggs. Bread. Milk. Hope you picked them up at your local grocer yesterday. Because it could be hours before you can get them today.

I love snow storms. I used to love covering them. They get neighbors talking to each because we are all in the same boat. Someone has to shovel the snow. Most people don’t follow the Erastus Corning method of snow removal. The former 40+ year Mayor of Albany once quipped about the city’s snow removal plan, was April.

So buck up everyone. You live in the Northeast. Don’t live in fear of the Snowmaggedonpacolypsesharknado.



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