Hey Chris, go get my stogie!

There’s a scene in Christmas Vacation where Eddie is dumping the contents of his motor home’s chemical toilet into a storm sewer because, as he puts it to Clark’s neighbor, “The shitter’s full.”  Little does he know by filling up Clark’s storm sewer with the contents of his “shitter” that later the gases will explode when Uncle Lewis lights his stogie.

It appears Uncle Louis lit up his cigar with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie at the George Washington Bridge.  Cue the explosion.

Right now, reports say his former deputy chief of staff and a couple of appointees to the Port Authority – the organization that runs the the George Washington Bridge – are the ones that hatched the idea to close toll lanes down at the GWB back in September to create massive traffic backups in Fort Lee, NJ.  The backups were allegedly used as political payback against the Fort Lee mayor for not supporting Christie’s in last year’s gubernatorial race.

Until I see reports otherwise, I have to take Christie at his word that he did not know about this plan.  Still, I struggle to believe that his deputy chief of staff and some PA appointees came up with this plan in a vacuum. Plus, If the point of the plan was payback for not supporting their boss, their plan’s success means achieving some sort of gain internally from it.  If Christie and/or other high rankers did not know who came up with the plan, and who put that plan in motion, then what do these people gain?  The whole incident, at the very least, exposes a culture inside the administration that allowed this type of thing to happen.

And not for nothing, this was to get back at the Mayor of Fort Lee?

The “shitter” appears full indeed.  And, with all the emails being made public, Uncle Louis could be lighting up again.


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