What’s in the Vicky’s bag, dude?


Adrian Milliner via Flickr

6:03 train to Trenton…Multilevel cars…sitting in the fold down seats area where you have to stare at the person across from you…me:  Gap jeans, Banana Republic sweater, sensible collared shirt, brown Skechers, IPhone…You:  Black puffy Northface coat,  skinny jeans, New Balance sneakers like my grammy used to wear when she went shopping at the Mall, expensive still camera on a strap around your neck, headphones a DJ would wear used as you talk on your Android…and, a small Victoria’s Secret bag…Winner:  You, for the Vicky’s bag, you man of mystery.  We don’t know what’s in it or who it’s for but obviously someone is in for some fun tonight.  But, make sure you take off your headphones and grammy’s shoes first.


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