So, I don’t have a chance in hell do I?

I was on a later train last night than usual because of a work dinner. After the 7pm hour trains on the old Port Jervis Line run local, very local. 20 stops from Secaucus to my station. Delawanna, Glen Rock, Ho-Ho-Kus, Ramsey-Main Street. Holy moly. At one point I thought we were just riding around Bergen and Passaic Counties looking for towns to stop in. But, lots of stops means lots of chances to make conversation with your neighbor. Two rows back I heard an attempt that went quite poorly.

Guy: So, you headed home?
Girl: Yeah, I don’t usually take this line. I live in Rockland.
Guy: Oh yeah, what do you?
Girl: PR. You?
Guy: I’m a lawyer.
Girl: I used to date a bunch of lawyers. They were the worst. Worked crazy hours.
Guy: That’s true. So if you live in Rockland, what are you doing on this train?
Girl: I’m going to Ridgewood. My boyfriend is picking me up.
Guy: Got it.

I bet the boyfriend isn’t a lawyer.


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