Five more minutes means twice as many jobs


The Regional Plan Association has a new interactive map that allows you to see how many jobs you have access to by how many minutes you are willing to commute.  An example:  From Cold Spring in Putnam County, a 75 minute commute via mass transit would give you access to potentially 75,000 jobs.  If you up that number five minutes, the total nearly doubles.

One thing I noticed is it appears the mapping system does not include some of the Hudson Valley county transit systems like Ulster’s UCAT or Orange’s Transit Orange system in the equations.

“Sources: U.S. Census LEHD Origin-Destination Employment Statistics, OpenStreetMap, OpenTripPlanner, NJTPA Regional Transportation Model, NYMTC, GTFS Feeds: MTA, NJT, Port Authority, NYCDOT, NY Waterway, Westchester Beeline, Nassau Inter-County Express, Rockland County TZx, CT Transit”

Also, not clear is if the private bus companies that dominate the west side of the Hudson are included.  Their inclusion would lead to higher job numbers on the transit side.


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