The Bar Car: The Bronx Brewery’s Bronx Pale Ale


Beer:  The Bronx Brewery’s Bronx Pale Ale

Type: American Pale Ale

How Much: $3.75/can

Where I got it: End of platform beer carts on the upper level at GCT

Review:  The Bronx:  I have never lived there. I mean, I’ve been to The Bronx. I covered a shooting or two on the Grand Concourse when I was a young and green news kid, once took the back way to the Bronx Botanical Gardens past a thousand auto repair shops (my mom locked her door), have had a canoli and a slice on Arthur Ave., and been to a Yankee game at the old new Stadium. Each experience was pretty unique, so any beer made in The Bronx, well, should be unique. After tasting The Bronx Brewery’s Pale Ale, in my opinion, is unique as the borough it calls home.


It is unique to me as I am not an expert beer taster.  My first point of reference is the back of the can.   You should be able to taste everything the can says you will taste.  And, for this Pale Ale, you do and it is really good.  It has a smooth start with all the mentioned flavors, and a pretty solid dose of caramel at the end. I did try to smell the “citrus aromas” but did not have much success sniffing straight from the can. Plus, I did not sniff for long because sniffing a can on the train will get you funny looks from your seat mate.

Grade: Delicious! 4/5 Happy Beer Guys!  Totally worth $3.75




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