You ride ’til you die

MTA officials say 21 year-old Brian McClellen, an aspiring model and actor from Cleveland, died from his injuries after he was apparently electrocuted and burned while surfing a New Haven line Metro-North train.  From the Daily News, a Metro-North spokesperson said,

He likely was badly burned after coming in contact with a pantograph, a mechanized arm pulsing with 12,500 volts of electricity that connects the train with overhead power lines.

McClellen’s story is not that uncommon.  Videos online show young people from around the world train surfing and either dying or getting badly hurt.

Research done in South Africa showed many surfers had “an indifference to death” telling researchers,

“You ride till you die.”

They also believed surfing would make them “famous.”

For McClellen, his fame was apparently about to happen and it had nothing to do with train surfing.   His agent told Daily News he had just landed some acting parts on television and in movies.





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