Pillars and Peds close book on Posman

sign photoThe final chapter has been written on the Grand Central location of Posman Books.   A sign in the window prior to New Year’s sited “ongoing construction projects” and Grand Central’s “need for its space” for “improved pedestrian circulation.”

When I returned to GCT after the holidays it was closed.

Reports late last year sited the LIRR East Access project, along with SL Green’s 1 Vanderbilt building as those construction projects.  SL’s project includes $200 million in transit infrastructure improvements, and it also needs Posman’s space “to build pillars, columns or whatever it may need for 1 Vanderbilt, but it will turn most of the area into a pedestrian thoroughfare.”  This according to the Times via an MTA spokesman.

Posman was located near the 42nd street and Vanderbilt Avenue entrance ramp and its other locations are at Rockefeller Center and Chelsea Market. But, as the sign says, “not much consolation” to its loyal GCT customers.


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