There is no prize for being first to your car


From Metro-North’s Facebook

This was the sage advice from our conductor tonight on the earliest Hudson Line train I’ve caught in ages.  I’ll decipher conductor speak:

It snowed.  It’s slippery.  Be careful.  Trying to get that extra minute back for being the first car out of the parking lot won’t do you a whole lot of good if you slip and crack your head open on the way to your Toyota Camry.

But, the impending doom winter storm made people leave even earlier than me.  The 4:45p Express was only three-quarters full as we pushed out of Grand Central.  It was in stark contrast to earlier trains, outlined in this report from a fellow commuter about her 1:43p train:

My train, standing room only.  Horrible!  Sandwiched in by a large woman in a puffy coat and a man! Can’t believe he squeezed in!

Ah.  The ol’ puffy coat is the bane of any commuter.  Apparently, some believe they need this type of coat just in case the train engineer finds a wrinkle in the universe and we end up on the ice planet Hoth from The Empire Strikes Back instead of Midtown.  For you information, the NYC median winter temperature clocks in above freezing.  So, easy Han Solo, our winter’s won’t make your Tauntaun freeze.

But, this storm will likely keep a lot of commuters home on Tuesday.  I mean, unless you have a Tautaun.


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