The Bar Car: Brooklyn East India Pale Ale

20141008_163753_resized_1The beer selection at the Grand Central Rite-Aid is like a high school reunion; a lot of familiar faces but very few people you’d really want to hang out with for any extended period of time. But, sitting in the ballroom corner of this romp down memory lane is that girl who moved from the city to your town the middle of junior year. You never talked to her until well after college. You were too busy chasing the ones who seemed exciting because they rode clydesdales or came from the Rockies. A few years after college, you would occasionally bump into her at a bar and when you were finished chatting with Sam (because that’s what adults drink) you might get brave and actually say hello.

Ok, there was no exotic city girl.  There were never any girls. Right, Olaf?

It was Brooklyn’s East India Pale Ale.

Now, years later, IPA’s are everywhere. Everywhere. Even the cooler at the Rite Aid is home to an IPA. Is Brooklyn’s perfect? No, but that is the beauty of it. It does not have to be. It is an honest to goodness IPA dropped off in a strange flourcently lit land. A land with a plethora of slightly-beer-flavored beverages with names that may remind you of ladies you may encounter at a bachelor party, like Ultra, High Life, Blue Ribbon or Light Lime. You eye them; their price point is tempting at less than two bucks for a tall boy. But you know better. Olaf knows the answer.

But, you should say yes to the Brooklyn East India Pale Ale. It is solid, but not outstanding. It is not as hoppy as I prefer but better than the rest in the Rite-Aid fridge. I mean, if you think you can get the high life from a can of $2 beer, listen to Olaf again.


Type: IPA

Where I got it: The Rite Aid inside Grand Central near the main entrance ramp

What I paid: Less than $3

Grade: Four happy beer guys



The Bar Car: Upstate Brewing Company’s Common Sense Ale


Back of the can


Upstate Brewing Company’s Common Sense Ale

Beer:  Upstate Brewing Company’s Common Sense Ale

Type:  Kentucky Common Ale

Background:  According the can, the beer is “based on a style that was popular before prohibition in the Louisville,  KY area” that later fell out of favor.  My deep research (the can) tells me the brewers discovered the variety in “an old book” about beer making and brought it back.

Taste:   The can nails it (what a smart can), “A dark beer…with just a hint of hops.”  Here’s my hint.  If Guinness made an extra light beer, this would be it.

How much/Where I get it:  $3.75/Beer carts at end of the upper level platforms

Grade:  On our scale of 1 (blah) to 5 (I’ll have another) happy drinker guys or HDGs,  I give it three HDGs.