Dogs and cats, living together, mass hysteria!

The storm was a dud.  Plain and simple.  For anyone who longed for two feet of snow, commuting nightmares and good-old-fashioned death and destruction, here are some old headlines from past storms to fulfill your sick need

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 12.18.14 PM

From The Tuscaloosa News on February 21, 1947:

A UPI report outlined “the worst storm in years” that dropped between “2 and 19 inches” (sounds familiar) in and around New York.  My favorite part of the article was this passage.

The storm grounded all airplanes.  It delayed ships at sea.  Train travel was slowed from minutes to more than three hours.  Commuters got to their jobs late.  Schools were snowed in.  Thousands of rural residents were marooned.”

I like this for the use of the word “marooned” and that it reads like that Ghostbusters scene when they are meeting with the Mayor:

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From The Pittsburgh Press on January 25th, 1905:

An article about New York’s big storm that saw “streets choked with drifts, trains late, ferries delayed, surface cars and elevated behind time, fighting to keep going.”  Police had to be called out for the surface trains to “clear crowds who fought for entrance on the cars.  Many narrowly escaped injury.”  Apparently, the headline writer did not escape injury as he likely needed his head examined after deciding to name a winter storm something stupid like Ice King.  I mean, that’s like naming the storm Juno or something.  Oh wait.  Also, doesn’t Ice King sounds like the guy who ends up marrying Queen Elsa in Frozen. 

Sorry, Olaf.  But you basically summed up yesterday’s storm.  Was it as bad as everyone thought it was going to be?